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Houston SEO

When it comes to SEO Services, we are all about getting our clients ranking on the first page of google, increasing site traffic, as well as using white-hat strategies to grow back-links from popular niche related sources. In addition, we write high quality content for site blogs as well as blog posts syndicated across the word-wide-web. These are just a few of the tactics we use to increase conversion rates, equating to more leads for our clients. If you are tired of wasting your money on other SEO companies and want to experience actual results, Texas National Marketing is the company for you. We produce positive guaranteed.   

Search Engine Optimization

It is no mystery, SEO is the most important aspect if you want your website ranking on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

Types of Search Engine Optimization

  On Page SEO: is the practice of optimizing the elements of a page in order to rank higher and gain more traffic from search engines. This process includes both the page content along with the HTML source code. 

Local SEO: Ranking in the google (3) Pack for local searches is one of the most important and beneficial rewards available to local businesses. Our proven strategies are designed to ensure that you are found for local searches. 

Mobile SEO: Don't leave out mobile SEO. Web searches are different on mobile devices than they are on desktops. With that said, a website must be optimized specifically for mobile devices as well as be mobile friendly. 

Page Speed: Page speed is a huge factor when it comes to SEO, if a page doesn't load in a matter of seconds, potential clients will quickly move to the next company. We make sure your website is lightening fast. 

Keyword Optimization: The foundation of a great SEO campaign starts with identifying the most effective keywords. When assigning keywords, it is essential to rank for keywords that actually matter. We make sure to rank our websites for keywords with high traffic volumes and high conversion rates.  

Website Design Services

Do you need a new website to show off your business? Maybe you are looking for a website overhaul to spark new interests. Texas National Marketing is dedicated to making sure our clients have eye catching websites that are designed for SEO. Our website don't just look great, they rank well on Google.

What makes a great web design?

  We Use Word Press CMS: WordPress is the most popular content management system for websites. We use WordPress because we have developed a stream line process to design and structure websites quickly while designing for SEO and user experience (UX)

. Digital Content: Eye catching Digital content is  essential when attracting new visitors and keeping them on your page. We use our design software to create videos, presentations, and more to keep your audience engaged. 

Web Hosting: We know the importance of web hosting and where a poor web host can damage a site and leave it vulnerable. This is why we host all of our client's sites. We are able to ensure top speed and performance, providing recovery backups, SSL certificates, and malware defense against attackers.

Houston Web Design

No matter what kind of business you have, if you don't have a website, you are missing out on free publicity and advertisement. The internet has become the modern day yellow pages. Millions of people, looking for a specific product or service, search the internet everyday. Does your business have a professional website ready to attract visitors and convert them into leads? Give us a call today!

Texas National Marketing Brand Management

At Texas National Marketing, we understand the importance of Brand Building. When viewers don't recognize a brand on google, they'll skip right over it. This is where we come in, we know how to make our client's brand attractive and memorable. We boost brands through continuously improving sites, creating valuable resources, getting repeat visitors, and through doing news worthy things.

Texas National Marketing

Brand Mangement

Have a family business that is only worth anything while you work there? Don't let your hard work go for nothing; after-all, you will want to retire one day. We specialize in turning your business into a brand, creating new lead streams, and making your business valuable without you.

Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

  We Define Your Brand: It takes time to for your brand to organically reach the public. We speed things up by creating brand focused content and distributing across the web and locally on a regular basis. 

Monitor Competitors: Monitoring competitors is essential when brand building. We examine and break down competitors, find out what they are doing right and we do it better

Build Recognition: Through our brand campaigns, we make sure to blast your brand across social media platforms, as well a niche related sources to expose your great brand and as well as your projects.  

Create Strategy: Without a strategy, brand building is a shot in the dark. We go to extreme measures to make sure the right strategy is creating and set in place to soar your brand to new elevations. When our client's brand succeeds, we succeed. 

Drone Photography

Great website content doesn't come from thin air, we make it! We have an experienced and commercial certified crew ready to take your service and show case it to the world from the sky.

Advantages of Drone Videography

  Video Branding: With Texas National Marketing, you not only get a drone videographer, you get a full post production company as well. We know how to make your services exciting and branded to showcase exactly what you do. 

Real Estate: Our professional drone services provide stunning aerial footage including videos and photos that are sure to showcase any property. It is perfect for showing the size of a property, amenities, and even neighborhoods.    

Property Developers: From planning, to development, our aerial footage assists with showcasing the proper angles and size of a property. Get the best perspective from Texas National Marketing's Sky View technology.

Drone Videography

Virtual 360

Whether you are selling a house, showcasing your business, or even showing off your services, Texas National Marketing's virtual 360 photos and walk-throughs give the best opportunity to show off your business. Our professional cameras take a 360 degree photo in 1 snap. Our enhanced software easily organizes the photos and presents a professional walk-through experience that is even available for Oculus goggles. In addition, we are authorized to post all pictures and walk-throughs on google. Therefore, it will be hosted forever, for free, as well as be accessible to the world.

Benefits of 360 Photos

  Real Estate: Looking to improve your home selling experience? Don't just show pictures and leave potential buyers guessing. Provide them with a professional walk-through of the home with 360 degree photography. People want too see the details and that is our specialty.  

Business Location:Have a business where guests visit for a to purchase a product or service. Showcase to cool atmosphere to attract new clients. When people can visualize what a visit would be like before committing, they know just what to expect. 

Business Services: Does your business provide a service that you would like to showcase in more than just a single angle picture. Maybe you provide pressure washing, asphalt paving, or a type of construction, our 360 degrees photos can show off your business services in a ways that puts your business above competitors. 


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When it comes to investing in digital marketing for your business, don't waste money on companies with empty promises. Hire a trusted company that can show you positive results for current clients. Texas National Marketing (TNM) does not take any client unless we know that we can produce a service that generates positive return on investment (ROI). We use our business skills to improve our digital marketing skills. TNM uses qualitative and quantitative research combined with analytics, user experience, and the latest google algorithms to continually structure and enhance our methods for dominating search engine optimization (SEO).   

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With an M.B.A focused in Marketing, Caleb Emerson ventured to start an internet marketing company known as Texas National Marketing. After serving (6) years in the U.S Navy, Caleb wanted to continue serving; therefore, he turned his focus to helping businesses enhance their digital marketing techniques and ultimately increasing their overall sales and revenue.

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